We Are HostDigit

Every digit of hosting you need, we provide.

You will not be disappointed with the commitment we deliver with everything we offer.

Our Story

We started as a small reseller back in 2009, growing continuously year after year. We have served over 25,000 clients worldwide and now operate our own datacenter space in Chicago, utilizing our very own network and server hardware.

We Improve Your Business

When your business prospers, we both win. The more business you bring in, the more services we can provide you to meet your demands for hosting. We've had customers start from shared hosting, expanding to over a few hundred servers. We take pride in being a provider than can offer you upgrade and growth paths that never end!

Our History

We'd love to share our history with you so that you can better understand the roots we grew from and where we are today. Here are a few key time periods for us since our inception.
July 2015

HostDigit Launched!

After serving thousands of customers across the globe, we saw an increased demand for fully managed services - not just for shared hosting, but also for resellers, virtual / cloud, and dedicated machines. In early 2015, we began working on the HostDigit brand to meet these fully managed requirements, resulting in its public launch in July.
January 2015

Network Upgraded

Due to rapid growth, we added new routers and switches to our edge and distribution networks, providing additional routing/throughput power for our customers. Additional 10Gbit fiber links were also established to provide increased redundancy, better global routing, and additional capacity.
November 2014

NCDC603 Officially Opens

We officially launched our new Tier III+, high-density datacenter, located at 603 Discovery Drive in Chicago. This major expansion gave us the space and power we required to meet growing customer demands.
March 2010

Services Expanded

We expanded into server facilities in Chicago, Denver, and Europe, with fully owned name-brand hardware and network gear managed by the Nexeon Network Operations Center.
November 2009

Company Formed

Our company, Nexeon Technologies, Inc., was formed in late 2009 to meet the growing demands of both consumers and businesses in the hosting market. We resold dedicated servers from other providers and offered virtual machines.